87 Louise Nikoline Spleth (née la Cour)

Born on 22 April 1837 in Ranum to Carl Georg la Cour (no. 54) and Ida Theodora Wilhelmine la Cour, Louise married Johannes Frederik Spleth on 2 August 1866. Johannes was born on 16 January 1835 at the Barmer parsonage, a son of Frederik Spleth and Karen Magdalene Frederikke Ellefsen. He graduated at the upper secondary level from the Viborg school in 1853 and earned a master’s degree in theology in 1859. He worked as a private tutor at Skjoldnæsholm manor from 1859 to 1864 and, in 1866, became farm-bailiff* for that estate. Awarded the title of counsellor (justitsråd), he was made a Knight of the Order of Dannebrog* in 1915. Johannes died on 31 July 1918, almost five years after the death of his wife Louise on 13 October 1913. (Three children: the Skjoldnæsholm Line.)