The first four generations and Danish History

1716 Pierre is born
1716 Tordenskjold destroys the Swedish fleet
1720 The Great Nordic War ends
1730 King Frederik IV dies – King Christian VI ascends the throne
1732 Pierre arrives in Denmark
1746 King Christian VI dies – King Frederik V ascends the throne
1751 Pierre is married for the first time
1752 Pierre’s first child (00) is born
1763 Pierre’s first wife dies
1763 Pierre is married for the second time
1766 King Frederik V dies – King Christian VII ascends the throne
1767 Pierre’s last child (09) is born
1769 Struense is employed at the Danish court
1772 Struense is executed
1775 Pierre dies
1783 N.F.S. Grundtvig is born
1783 Pierre’s first grandchild (100) is born
1788 The adscription of pessants is repealed

1801 The sea Battle of Copenhagen
1801 Pierre’s second wife dies
1805 H.C. Andersen is born
1807 The bombardement of Copenhagen
1808 King Christian VII dies – King Frederik VI ascends the throne
1808 Pierre’s last grandchild (54) is born
1812 Pierre’s first great grandchild (20) is born
1813 Denmark goes bankrupt
1814 A general duty of education is introduced
1814 King Frederik VI relinquishes Norway to Sweden
1815 The founder of the Helgenæs Line (22) is born
1830 The first steam ship in Denmark is built
1835 The first assembly of the estates is held
1838 The Founder of the Lyngby Line (69) is born
1839 King Frederik VI dies – King Christian VIII ascends the throne
1839 The Founder of the Lihmegård Line (38) is born
1843 The Tivoli Gardens open
1843 The last of Pierre’s children (07) dies
1844 The Founder of the Skærsø Line (72) is born
1846 The Founder of the Askov Line (74) is born
1847 The railroad between Copenhagen and Roskilde opens
1848 King Christian VIII dies – King Frederik VII ascends the throne
1848 The royal absolutism is abiolished
1849 The Danish Constitution is approved
1852 Pierre’s last great grandchild (77) is born
1863 King Frederik VII dies – King Christian IX ascends the throne
1864 The Battle of Dybbøl – Southern Jutland is lost to Germany
1866 The railroad from Copenhagen to Elsinore via Hillerød is opened
1866 The first consumer cooperative is established in Thisted
1872 N.F.S. Grundtvig dies
1875 H.C. Andersen dies
1876 The last of Pierre’s grandchildren (13) dies
1878 A telephone operator is established in Copenhagen
1885 The fortress ring around Copenhagen is built

1901 Parliamentarism is introduced
1906 King Christian IX dies – King Frederik VII ascends the throne
1914 WWI breaks out
1933 The last of Pierre’s great grandchildren (75) dies