Objectives and activities

The Association of Pierre la Cour’s family is an association for all descendants of Pierre la Cour, born 22 February 1716, immigrated to Denmark in 1732.

The objective of the association is to strengthen the coherence of the family and pass on the knowledge of its history. This is achieved by the maintenance of this homepage, which also contains the family archives, by the publication of the annual Family Journal and by the arranging of an annual meeting every spring (May/June), which around every four years is a weekend event. The family meeting often centers around a family-historical location or event. In addition, the association distributes grants especially to young relatives during their education. This requires membership of the association as described under the heading Grants. Finally, around every 10 years the association publishes a Genealogy containing bios of all descendants of Pierre.

Members of the association can participate in the events at lower prices than non-members, and also get a discount when buying the Genealogy.

The association is domiciled with the chairman and at present the association’s address is therefore:
c/o Jacob V. la Cour
Tuborg Havnepark 12, 5th floor
2900 Hellerup

The association’s bank account is: 1551 – 4028 120

Annual meetings 1959-2019