The first family tree showing Pierre’s descendants was prepared by Frederik Barfod in 1877. The first real Genealogy of 67 pages was prepared by the County Doctor Janus la Cour (36-6) in 1903. This was followed in 1917 by Lars Frederik Barfod Dornonville la Cour (69-1), who in 1917 wrote up the book The Family la Cour ( Dornonville de la Cour ). This included pictures and long personal descriptions of Pierre’s descendants, but only the male line. Children of women was only listed briefly with small type.

The first books were structured by the usual principle for genealogy books, that the description of a person is followed the description of the person’s first child, then that child’s first child and so forth. Each person was not individually numbered, but was, however, assigned a letter and a number according to which generation the person belonged to and his or her location in the flock of children. Consequently Pierre’s 10 children were assigned A1-A10. The children of each of these were numbered B1, B2, B3 , etc., and the children of each of these were numbered C1, C2, C3, etc. Thus, for example 7 persons are numbered C1, and it is difficult to figure out where each person belongs in the family structure.

In 1951 Lars Frederik published a supplementary book with updates of the events since 1917, including of course an indication of births and deaths. This book was divided generations by generations, and each person was assigned an individual number consecutively from 1 to 422. Descendants of women were also given consecutive numbers indicated in [ ] from [ 1] to [ 243] .

Another update was published by Johannes F. la Cour (72-5) in 1965. Already here the numbering system started to create difficulties, as it became necessary to insert new relatives in between the consecutively numbered persons. This was solved by supplementing the numbers with letters – so that for example the children of no. 301 were assigned 301a and 301b. But if a person already had children in the book from 1955, and got additional children, the system was not used conststantly. For example no. 314 had a child with number 398. The two additional children were then assigned 398a and 398b.

In 1989 Marianne la Cour (72 – D11 ) published a new complete Genealogy with a new and unique numbering system. This was based on family lines founded by the descendants of the men from the 4th generation – Pierre’s great-grandchildren. This book contained a shortened version of the text from the 1917 book.

In 2001, Jacob V. la Cour (72-5112) published the first complete collection of the family’s stories since 1917. The full text of the old books was included here, and new lines were created for the descendants of women. The family was thereby divided into 30 lines based on all of those of Pierre’s great-grandchildren, who had descendants.

In 2011, a new full update of the 2001 book was published, which contained moren than 1600 new people for the book from 2001.

In 2020 a new edition of the book was published. You can read about it here.

The genealogies from 1903, 1917, 1951, 1965 and 1989 can be seen in the Library.