Genealogy 2020

The work with the latest edition of the genealogy for the family of Pierre la Cour was initiated in the summer of 2019 and the book was published in early October 2020. It consists of two volumes. The first Volume encompasses 1st – 6th generatoon and the second volume encompasses 7th – 11th generation. In total the two volumes confains biographies of 5,902 persons (1,282 more then the 2011 edition) and there are pictures of 2,481 relatives (more than 600 more than the 2011 edition). The book is also in a smaller and more managable format than the 2001 and 2011 editions and measure 18 x 25.5 cm.

The Danish version of Volume 1 has 392 pages and contains biographies of 1,112 persons from our ancestor Pierre until and including his great-great-great grandchildren and their spouses, as well as pictures of 571 of these. The division in two volumes have anabled us to have more and larger pictures than in the previous editions. Since all execpt a handfull of the persons included in this volume are deceased, no changes are expected hereto and consequently an English translation is under preparation. This will hopefully be published in the winter of 2021.

Volume 2 has 580 pages and contains biographies of 4,790 persons from 7th to 11th generation as well as pictures of 1,910 of these. For the sake of completeness we do also include the names and dates of birth and death for the first 6 generations, and the index contains the names of all 5,902 known decendants (including spouses) of Pierre. This volume is mainly in Danish, but the biographies of a number of non-danes, who submitted their biographies in English, have been kept in English. As the text of this volume will change a lot in a later edition, we will not be translating this to English.

The price for both volumes is DKK 495 plus postage, and each volume can be bought separately for DKK 295 plus postage. You can order by sending an e-mail to noting the number of books (full sets or of each volume) and your address. We will answer this e-mail with the total price including postage, which should be paid to the Association’s account IBAN DK373 000 000 4028120 – SWIFT/BIC DABADKKK – after which we will send the books.

The price for postage unfortunately differs a lot depending on the destination and the weight. Prices for Europe and USA ranges between DKK 187 and 268 for one set, DKK 207-319 for two sets, DKK 223-389 for three sets and DKK 236409 for four sets. Postage for Australia ranges between DKK 360 for one set and DKK 634 for four sets.