Membership can be obtained by anyone who decends from Pierre la Cour (born 22 February 1716).

The membership fee is DKK 250 per year for individuals and DKK 400 per year for couples. In order to reduce bank fees for foreign residents, they have the possibility to pay for 5 years at the time with a 20% discount. The fee is thereby DKK 1000 for individuals and DKK 1600 for couples.

Members of the association can participate in the events at lower prices than non-members and will receive the annual Family Magazine.

The fee should be paid to:

Foreningen Pierre la Cours Slaegt
IBAN: DK3730000004028120

Bank: Danske Bank, Holmens Kanal 2, 1092 København K

Children and young adults are automatically members until they turn 20, if their parents are members.

Application for membership should be sent to