03 Henriette Frederikke Tomassen Sabroe (née la Cour)

Henriette was born on 31 August 1756 at Baadsgaard farm, a daughter of Pierre la Cour and Margrethe Susanne la Cour. At the time of her father’s death, she was a servant in the household of the mayor of Viborg, a man named Høeg. She was still there in September 1775, but had by all accounts left that employ sometime before May 1776.

Henriette married Poul Tomassen Sabroe in Aarhus on 11 June 1777. Born in 1733, Poul worked as a customs officer in Grenaa, and his father was a grocer named Tomas Tomassen Sabroe. In 1787, Henriette and Poul lived at the address Storegade 43 in the town of Grenaa.

After Poul’s death on 23 June 1789, Henriette moved in with her sister Elisabeth (no. 04) in Odder. She lived there for several years, but then became housekeeper at the Randlev parsonage, which her brother Jørgen (no. 09) had leased. After the lease expired (which happened when the pastor, Blicher, was dismissed in 1823), she moved back to Odder. From 1814, she was housekeeper for the Holstein-Rathlon household in Ratlousdal, but then she returned to Odder again, where she still lived in straitened circumstances, very plain in all her being and in that, as in much else, quite unlike her sisters, but she was at least loved by her immediate family. Henriette died on 10 January 1824. (No children.)