Pierre la Cour

We do not know exactly where in France our family comes from. One family legend has it that Pierre’s father was a ministre – a church minister, perhaps? – and lived in a large country mansion outside Paris. When he suddenly saw his home surrounded by soldiers, he took his young wife and fled through … Læs mere

01 Frederik la Cour

Frederik was born at Ørslevkloster manor on 16 September 1753, a son of Pierre la Cour and Margrethe Susanne la Cour. He graduated from the Viborg school in 1771 (and received at his graduation three barrels of rye and three barrels of barley), but was not registered as an upper secondary school graduate until 1772, … Læs mere

02 Niels la Cour

Born on 25 October 1754 at Ørslevkloster manor, Niels was a son of Pierre and Margaret Susanne la Cour. He probably learned farming from his father, but he was also an excellent hunter and received a prize for having shot both a wolf cub and its mother, some of the last wolves in Denmark. He … Læs mere

06 Jacob la Cour

A son of Pierre la Cour and Margrethe Susanne la Cour, Jacob was born on 14 July 1760 at Strandet manor and was living at home at the time of his father’s death. He started school in Viborg in May 1775: by the time he reached the last level of grammar school*, he had read … Læs mere

08 Bernt la Cour

Born on 11 June 1764 at Strandet manor, Bernt was a son of Pierre la Cour and Christiane Frederikke la Cour. Family legend has it he went to sea but succumbed at a young age to typhoid at Frederiks Hospital. The hospital’s registry, however, states that he was a “clerk without employment residing at Kattesundet … Læs mere