07 Appolone (Lone) Dorothea Worm (née la Cour)

She was born on 3 September 1761 at Strandet manor, a daughter of Pierre la Cour and Margaret Susanne la Cour, and she was living at home when her father died. Subsequently, she worked at Aldrup Mølle, a farming estate near Skanderborg, teaching Miller Stanning’s three daughters. On 3 November 1786 in Holeby, Lone married Peder Worm, a man born on 15 July 1758 in Dyrlev, a village near the town of Præstø. His parents were Søren Worm, a schoolteacher, and Birthe Worm. He was the farm-bailiff* at Iselinge for a time.

Aunt Worm, as she was also called, worked for many years as a domestic: in the house of her sister Elisabeth (no. 04) in Odder until 1798 and then for her brother Jørgen (no. 09) while her two sons, Peter (no. 48) and Poul (no. 49), lived with her. After Jørgen’s death in 1809, she stayed with his widow, Charlotte Guldberg, until 1817.
Afterwards, she worked for the Barfoed family in Lyngby until 1823. Her last twenty years were spent living with her son Peter Worm (no. 48) in Kristrup. She was a loveable old woman, extremely beautiful (with finely shaped features) even in her old age, and lively and entertaining, and it was said that she could tell stories just as nimbly as her spinning wheel spun, and while it was spinning.

Lone died on 10 November 1843. We have no information on when Peder died. (Three children: nos. 44-46.)