100 Peder Christian Thørche

Born on 18 November 1783 in Holeby parish on the island of Lolland, Peder was a son of Severin Thørche and Marie Sophie Andersen Lund. When his mother died in 1801, Peder was living with his stepfather, Christen Lund, in Keldby on the island of Møn, along with his two siblings and seven servants. According to the 1834 census, he was the parish pastor in Næsby, a village near Præstø, and lived in the parsonage together with his first wife, Marie Hedevig Thørche (née Kold; we have no information on the dates of her birth and death), their three daughters and six servants. Eleven years later, in 1845, he was the pastor for Toksværd and a widower living at the parsonage with his three daughters and five servants. By 1850, the two oldest daughters had moved out, and at this point he had six servants, although only two of them were the same as in 1845. Peder’s second wife was Anna Christine Thørche (née Bergskov), who was born in 1786. She died in 1844 and Peder died on 5 December 1850 in Toksvær parish near Præstø. (Six children: nos. 110–115.)