21 Margrethe Kirstine Kisbye (née Worm)

Born on 13 January 1814 on the Møllemosegård farming estate, Margrethe was a daughter of Peter David la Cour (no. 10) and Ane Clausine la Cour. She grew to be a talented, energetic woman who provided her husband with good support in his work: in many ways, she was the one who took on the heavy load.

Margrethe married Morten Peter Kisbye on 1 September 1841. Born on 18 November 1809 in Skalkendrup to Jens Brandt Kisbye, a pastor, and Sophie Vilhelmine Lund, Morten became an apprentice with his uncle, Dyer Topp, in Svendborg
in 1825 and managed the dye factory after his uncle’s death in 1829. He bought the dye factory in 1841, the year he and Margrethe married, but sold it again in 1877, ten years after Margrethe’s death on 14 December 1866. Morten died on 18 July 1886 in Svendborg. (One child: the Møllemosegaard Line.)