66 Edle Christine Charlotte Dornonville de la Cour

Charlotte, as she was called, was born on 20 July 1839 at Søholt manor, a daughter of Holger Magarus la Cour (no. 51) and
Edele Charlotte la Cour. She founded a school in Randers in 1876 which later taught several of the family’s children, and, in 1893, the school was granted the right to issue leaving certificates to its graduating students. After opening a special
school building in 1894, the school built an extension in 1896. At the time of the school’s 25th jubilee, there were about 150 students enrolled in a total of 11 classes. Charlotte visited Switzerland with her sister in 1881 and travelled to Scotland in 1882,1890, 1893 and 1896. She sold the school in 1912 and remained unmarried until her death on 15 November 1925. (No children.)