102 Cathrine Elisabeth (Lise) Kaskade Nissen (née Thørche)

She was born in Holeby parish on the island of Lolland on 1 July 1786, a daughter of Severin Thørche and Marie Sophie Andersen Lund. At the time of her mother’s death in 1801, Cathrine lived with her stepfather, Christen Lund, in Keldby on the island of Møn, together with her two siblings and seven servants. On 17 June 1824, in Keldby, she married Jørgen Nissen of the Boderupgaard farming estate in Ønslev parish on the island of Falster, who had been born in 1785. They had two foster children, and the future wife of Cathrine’s cousin Christian, Caroline Jacobine Bregendahl, lived with them from 1832 till 1835. Jørgen died on 27 December 1840 at Boderupgaard, and Cathrine died in Copenhagen on 24 March 1866. (No children recorded.)