103 Poul Sophus Thørche

Born in Holeby parish on the island of Lolland on 11 October 1787, Poul was a son of Severin Thørche and Marie Sophie Andersen Lund. At the time of his mother’s death in 1801, he lived with his stepfather, Christen Lund, in Keldby on the island of Møn, together with his two siblings and seven servants. Poul later became a grocer at the address of Larsbjørnstræde 16 in Copenhagen, a property he had owned since about 1850. His wife was Sophie Caroline Thørche (née Krehmer), a woman born in 1800. Poul died on 24 March 1865 from a brain haemorrhage; Sophie died on 10 January 1872. (Three children: nos. 120–122.)