14 Susanne Margrethe la Cour

Susanne was born on 23 June 1799 in Viborg, a daughter of Niels la Cour (no. 02) and Georgia Nicoline la Cour. The 1801 census recorded her living at the address of St. Ibsgade 24 in Viborg. After her mother’s death in 1804, she became a foster child to Pastor P. Sand on the island of Venø, but he died in 1810. She had moved home again in 1814, when she is recorded as having been baptised by the local pastor. Susanne later served as a maid in the household of General War Commissioner Undall in Viborg and then several other places, eventually also working for her brother-in-law Jørgen Christian Nielsen (see no. 15 below) in Randers. After her father’s death, she received an annuity from the Danish postal service and lived for a time in the 1820s in Brandstrup, a village near Viborg. She remained unmarried until her death in Viborg on 20 February 1842. (No children.)