15 Birgithe Sophie Elisabeth Nielsen (née la Cour)

A daughter of Niels la Cour (no. 02) and Georgia Nicoline la Cour, Birgithe was born in 1801 in Viborg. After her mother’s death in 1804, she moved in with her uncle Jørgen la Cour (no. 9) in Odder. After his death in 1809, she went to live with a pastor named Blicher, and then, for several years, she was a sort of foster child with Mrs Sehested at Rydhave manor. As an adult, Birgithe worked as a servant in several households, among others the Folsach’s at the Gesinggård farming estate. After her father’s death, she received an annuity from the Danish postal service until she married. Birgithe married Jørgen Christian Nielsen, a restaurant owner, in Randers on 2 May 1838. Born on 23 August 1812 in Nibe, Jørgen was first a wine merchant in Viborg, but left that trade and settled as furrier in Grenaa. However, it was really his industrious wife Birgithe who ran the business. After Birgithe died on 1 February 1855, Jørgen received support from his brother-in-law, O.A. la Cour, and moved in with a sister in Skanderborg. After the death of O.A. in 1860, Jørgen moved in with his sister-in-law on the Katrinebjærg farming estate and then moved with her to Aarhus in 1874. He died the next year, on 12 December 1875. (One child: no. 43.)