16 Christine Frederikke la Cour

A daughter of Niels la Cour (no. 02) and Georgia Nicoline la Cour, Christine was born on 21 July 1803 in Holstebro. After her mother’s death in 1804, she lived with her uncle Jørgen la Cour (no. 09) in Odder and remained there till his death in 1809, after which she moved in with her aunt, Elisabeth Wormslev (no. 04) in Viby. Subsequent records show Christine sometimes lived at her parents’ home and sometimes at other locations, e.g. Copenhagen. In 1824, she was living at Nørlund manor in the household of a newspaper manager named Nielsen, but she never stayed for very long in the same place, as she was either very simple- minded or possibly almost mentally ill, presumably partly due to a gynaecological or abdominal disorder. She never married and died in 1830. (No children.)