32 Caroline Amalie Printz

Caroline was born on 16 June 1824 at Østergård farm, and her parents were Otto August la Cour (no. 12) and Ane Cathrine la Cour. She married Hans Christian Villadsen Printz on 11 November 1858 in Aarhus, a man born in Aarhus on 15 November 1830. Hans was a son of Peter Hansen Printz, a shipmaster, and Christiane Sørensen. After a commercial apprenticeship in Aarhus from 1846 to 1949, he earned a mate’s certificate in Flensburg in 1851 and then became a ship’s officer in 1853, a shipmaster in 1856, and a shipowner in 1860. His ship was wrecked near Frederikshavn in 1857, and he had another ship sink off the Mecklenburg coast in 1869. His journeys by ship were mostly to England, Belgium, Russia, Prussia, the Netherlands, Norway, the Black Sea and the West Indies. He owned a farm in Vester Alling, a village near Gammel Estrup, from August 1870 to August 1873, and he also purchased a farm in Sangskov, a town near Randers, in April 1873 but sold it again in August 1874. He bought a farm in Asfærg, a town near Hobro, that same August, then sold it in February 1898 and moved that same year to Randers, where he lived until his death on 22 January 1912. Caroline preceded him by almost a decade, having died on 4 April 1903. (No children.)