33 Louise Nielsine Brandt (née Worm)

Born on 6 February 1827 in Øgelstrup, a town near Holstebro, Louise was a daughter of Otto August la Cour (no. 12) and Ane Cathrine la Cour. The 1840 census lists her as boarding with Helene Sophie Lytken at the address of Vestre Nørre Meldgade 104 in the town of Ringkøbing. Louise married Gomme Frederick Brandt on 24 November 1858. Born on 13 September 1814 in Tryggelev, Gomme earned a master’s degree in theology in 1837 and then worked as a catechist* in Ringkøbing. He became pastor for Henne and Lønne parishes in 1847 and for Storring, Stær and Galten parishes in 1856. Before his marriage to Louise, Gomme’s first wife was Marie Nicoline Henriette Vilstrup, with whom he had six children. He died on 3 March 1868. Louise survived him by almost five decades before dying on 1 June 1917. (Five children: the Storring Line.)