58 Frederik Christian Worm

He was a son of Peter Worm (no. 48) and Louise Theodora Petrine Hjort, born on 5 February 1828 in Hyllested. The 1840 census reported that Frederik was a bombardier with the Royal Artillery and lived in the military barracks in Strandgade, Copenhagen.

Frederik’s wife was Mathilde Hansen, who was born on 30 November 1850. According to the 1885 census, Frederik, who by this time had been promoted to captain, was pensioned and living on the second storey (US: third floor) of the front building at the address Absalonsgade 16 in Copenhagen with Mathilde, the three children they had at the time, a student lodger and a maid. Mathilde died on 1 March 1909, and Frederik followed on 10 July 1913. (Four children: the Hornbæk Line.)