59 Fritz Absalon Worm

Born on 20 October 1820 on the island of St. Thomas in what was then the Danish West Indies, Fritz was a son of Poul Frederik Worm (no. 46) and Anna Dorothea Worm. When he was seven, he was fostered out to his uncle Peter (no. 45), who was the pastor for Hyllested parish on the peninsula of Djursland. At the parsonage, Fritz lived with his three younger cousins (nos. 47–49), and later he moved together with the family to Kristrup, where he was living in 1940. Fritz wanted to be a farmer, and in 1841 he moved to Skærsø manor, where he was farm-bailiff* for ten years before moving to a farm in Grauballe, a village near Silkeborg.

He married Jensine Worm (née Rasmusdatter) on 28 July 1848 in Dråby. Born in 1827 in Graaule parish in Randers county, Jensine was a daughter of Rasmus Rasmussen and Mette Sørensdatter. The 1860 census records Fritz and Jensine as living on that farm in Grauballe with their seven children and three servants. We have no information on the place or date of Jensine’s death, but Fritz was in Copenhagen when he died on 2 August 1862. One of his nightshirts is preserved at a museum in Elkhorn, Iowa, in the USA (see page 335). (Seven children: the Grauballe Line.)