60 Jørgen Peter Ingerslev la Cour

He was born on 1 March 1831 at Skærsø manor, a son of Holger Magarus la Cour (no. 51) and Edele Charlotte la Cour. After attending the Aarhus lower secondary school from 1844 to 1847, Peter, as he was called, was a farm apprentice at Sjørupgård manor in 1847-48 and at Nakkebølle manor from 1848 to 1850. He was then deputy farm-bailiff* at Kalø manor from 1850 to 1852 and farm-bailiff at Hjortshøjlund manor in 1852-53, on the Mallinggård farming estate from 1853 to 1955, at Vilhelmsborg manor from 1855 to 1858, and with his father at Kærgård manor from 1858 to 1872. Starting in 1872, he ranLøvenholm manor on behalf of his brother Lauritz (no. 62) and also leased Ny Ryomgård farming estate from 1879.

Peter married Anna Louise Caroline la Cour (née Wegener) on 15 July 1879 in Randers. Anna was born on 8 July 1850 in Aarhus, a daughter of Colonel Carl Christian Wegener and Louise Lillienskjold. From 1877 to 1879, she worked as a teacher at her sister-in-law Charlotte la Cour’s school. Jørgen gave up the Ny Ryomgård lease in 1886 and bought Råballegård, a farm near Randers, where the couple lived until his death on 26 March 1892. After Peter’s death, Anna married Ludvig ChristensenKristrup, a pastor, in 1895. We have no information on when she died. (No children.)